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Summer Music Festival 2020


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Dear colleagues,

I am directing a two-week summer festival in San Juan Capistrano, California, USA for K-12 and college students which features chamber music as well as a solo performance program for string and piano students. The solo performance aspect of our program is really quite special, as all student soloists have a daily rehearsal with the conducting team and principal players of the festival orchestra-in-residence, the California Solisti Chamber Orchestra (http://www.solisti.ca), and performance with the ensemble at the end of the week. It is open to players of all levels, from Vivaldi A Minor and Bach Double to Tchaikovsky and Sibelius!

More details can be found at our web site: www.summermusicfestival.us


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We did online versions of the festival in 2020 and 2021, with extensive technology-created content to support younger students who were cut off from their group classes and social experiences in music.

We are returning to in-person this summer in 2022 though! We're restarting things by doing a single week, and offering three programs for violin, viola, and cello from June 27 to July 2:

1. String Academy (Pre/K-5)
2. Solo Performance with Orchestra (6-12/college)
3. Orchestra Audition Workshop (college/graduate)


We hope to bring back Chamber Music, Teacher Training, and opportunities for other instruments (piano, woodwinds, brass) in future seasons.

The festival is now part of the Summer School Programs at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, and now has both day and stay-over options (including daily meals). Our program takes place at an amazing new concert facility (opened in November 2019) in the Paul Mellon Arts Center, with a 1000+ seat concert hall, recital hall, and numerous practice spaces.


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We're pleased to present a Beginning Violin component for students with no previous experience, and it includes the loan of a high-quality and properly-sized violin for the duration of the festival at no additional cost!

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