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16 minutes ago, tradfiddle said:

Suspect x.jpeg

Matthias Thir 1779_Hopfner.jpg

I think Jacob pointed out quite clearly why it's useless to compare with one singular and particular KuK model out of many different. There were also examples with very squarish shoulders, f.e. here https://www.khm.at/en/give-and-join/adopt-a-masterpiece/find-your-favorite-object/violine/ and others more falling, hooked and rounded ff etc. etc. Actuall nobody will find out anymore if the OP was Moravian, Bohemian, Hungarian, Carpathian or whatever regions produced violins.

A good lesson not to mention names as example for certain features, somebody will come along trying to nail you (sigh).

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Blank Face - fair enough, we've both fallen into this trap... The problem is, we can't rely on the scroll being original, the varnish has been changed, the ff's have potentially been fiddled with, and we don't have the instrument in our hands to get a good feel of the arching and sight of the interior. So we have been chasing a few breadcrumbs in a very wide wood! Time to draw a line under this one I think.

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