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3d Print of Del Gesu Scroll


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9 minutes ago, Three13 said:

Filius Andreae scrolls show up on Del Gesus after his retirement and recoevry around 1732, and last until 1740. I think this is the 1741 Kreisler, not the 1733. Did you make this? It's wonderful.

It is the 1730 or 1733 or whatever date the one at the LOC is. So a 1732 date it could be filius. Roger Hargrave in his article on the Kreisler however does not mention filius in his description of the scroll. I am not aware of another GDG that has Kreisler's name associated with it.

I did make it or in reality the 3D printer made it from an STL mesh file. So it is a plastic reincarnation of good old Giuseppe. A bit strange isn't it?

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5 minutes ago, HoGo said:

Sure it is... in that "toxic green" color :-)

I know that the green color is not my first choice. For the next one I want to do red, brown or orange. The only problem is I am trying to stay low maintenance with my friend who is using his expensive 3D printer to render my parts. That green is what was loaded in the machine. So far it is free. I want to keep it that way if I can. It took 6.5 hours to print. After all I could use some spray paint to make it more "real". ;)

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