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Judging the sound

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Hello all
I tested my last violin with an expert collector and concertmaster. The test was successful so we compared with another violin, a well reputed and more experienced luthier than me. 

The sound of the other instrument seemed to be more powerful but really I don´t know if what I heard was some "hall sound" (resonanse?) .
The sound of my violin is heard all outside the box. The other seems to be played in a subtle resonance chamber. The sound is nice in both.

After thinking some, the violinist say to me: "I guess this violin would sound more (mine). May be it due to be new or it suffer exesive tension IE: a little large soundpost.

The next step would be test both in a theatre but I see difficult to repeat the experience.
I did nothing from that day because I went for hollydays but in few days I will be at the shop.

What do you think about violins when you hear the sound all outside of the box or when you hear the box like a "little hall".
I guess some hall resonance is better.

Thanks for any thoughts

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