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44 minutes ago, JacksonMaberry said:

I have used it to good effect on bevel down planes, obviously it doesn't do you any good at all on bevel up planes. No more than three swipes on my 10k stone only, so that it is minute enough to be polished away the next time you hone the bevel

Bevel up or bevel down is irrelevant as far as the “ruler trick” is concerned.


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17 hours ago, violins88 said:

As for gouge honing guide, a very simple one can be made. I am in New Zealand for a year and don’t have access to my shop, so a text description will have to do.  

Make a dimple in the very end of the handle. Next, obtain a thick piece of plywood maybe 25 cm (10 inches) x 40 cm (16 inches). Make a vertical post of a pine 2 x 4. Make it 20 cm long. Install this post on the end of the plywood.  A screw into the bottom?

Only one pin is shown in the diagram, but I have several at different heights.

i start with 220 cbn plate, then 1000 cbn plate, then 2000 Shapton, then 4000 Shapton. 

Works for me. Sorry about the crude drawing.


I use a main bevel, with the 220 and 1000 grit stones, then increase the angle slightly for the 2000 and 4000 grit. The practical way to manage this is by placing a 5 mm plywood piece under the 220 and 1200 grit stone. Remove it for the 2000 and 4000.


Neat idea, John.

(By the way, the PM bridge knife I mentioned earlier came from John). I beat it up with every challenging wood carving task I could think of, including hogging on ebony endgrain, and it held up better than any bridge knife I have ever used.

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