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Another Nürnberger....or IS it???

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I actually think this is a genuine Nurnberger bow. The stamp is a serif with umlaut and double star, the slide is the plain shell common on Nurnberger bows. The weight is not listed, But I remember somebody here saying that Nurnberger bows rarely weighed under 58 g

 The head also looks right, but I can’t say why, and that picture isn’t very clear.The color of the wood Doesn’t look right to me, and the button seems to be the wrong size, but I share with the crowd for feedback.

(I haven’t yet purchased either of the reference books that deal specifically with the Nürnbergers, but it’s on my list of things to do. Till then, it’s helpful to share with the folks here.)








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I looked at this bow too!  I  am horrible with bow identification so I emailed it to my friend to see what he thought but haven't heard back.  That was on Christmas Eve so I'm guessing he's taking some time off for the holidays.   From the examples I found on Tarisio the stamp on this one looks a bit too heavy and seems to be in the wrong place, but that's from somebody who has zero expertise with bows and doesn't know what to look for in the actual workmanship :)

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