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Mathbias Rudemann violin

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12 hours ago, Eryri said:

Can the OP please post a photo of the button - that is, the small semicircle of wood at the very top of the back where the neck joins on. Square on and not oblique, please. The top half of the back including it would be ideal. And a view from the side of this area, square on and showing the shape of the neck heel would be useful too.


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On 12/20/2019 at 10:20 AM, Eryri said:

Thank you.

Unless the neck is not original and the button has been altered, not JTL.

Even if the neck and button were not original : imho the body, edging etc does not look like JTL either.

If you maybe meant the corners have been squared off more than most Mkn and it doesn't have rolled edges: that doesn't get one very far in figuring out origin. 

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