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Blackening scroll chamfer technique


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  I have nothing to recommend but in the olden days india{n} black in stick form was mentioned in heron-allens manual for chamfering work.

  I use one of two Sharpie brand permanent markers.  I have two to choose from but can't remember which one I use.  One is the fine point tip and the other is the ultra fine tip retractable.  Both are black.

  How to do it with these pens is to simply darken the chamfer flats completely.  Then go back with a razor blade and scrape a fine line or a slightly wider line between the black and the existing varnish.  Then proceed with the varnish coats.   I use the pens on the four corners of the c-bout miters too. 

  Just use the markers sparingly for more convincing work - something I haven't seemed to master yet.  Something says to me to just darken all the chamfering, scrape and deal with the possible repercussion from others later.


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47 minutes ago, Juan Tavira said:

There’s an article in The Strad’s “The best of trade secrets “ volume 4, that explains the technique.



This article is written by Maestro Davide Sora, who is also a member of this forum. Can’t remember having seen better results than Davides, so i would recommend to read his article.

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