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Smaller/oddly-shaped travel cello


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I have a request to make a cello that would be better for travel for a gigging musician (rock/jazz music, but sometimes classical). 

He noted the David Gage Czech-Ease bass (http://www.czech-ease.com/).



Any ideas on how this unusual size/shape affects sound?  What about other compensations- graduations or bass bar?  I found a few allusions to an improved bass bar on these over the years, but I'm not sure how it looked then or looks now. (https://www.talkbass.com/threads/new-improved-czech-ease-model.373533/#post-4817868https://www.talkbass.com/threads/czech-ease-basses.390085/#post-5062693)

I'm also trying looking at some ergonomic, oddly-shaped instruments to get an idea, but I've only come across pictures that are not helpful for building.

Another thought I had was a normal-shaped, fractional size body with a 4/4 scale length.


Anyone have good resources, or experience with unusually shaped/sized instruments?

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I guess the nature of the cello is based on it's size/ volume, so you got a real challenge.

Maybe you can find inspiration from viola designs (which also often want a big sound instrument in a small body).

Not that I would want to talk you out of the business but it might be an option for the musician to go electric.

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Depending on the cellist, it seems like the general lack of a lower bout in the Czech Ease body shape might make it hard to control the instrument position with their legs. Maybe the corners are enough. 

I like the idea of a fractional body with full scale. Heck, I like playing my 3/4 size compared to my full size just because all the reaches are easier and there is less body in the way for higher positions. Then again I am a pretty lousy cellist. 

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