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No, not at all. It bent fine, and planed up ok with a very sharp plane.
The only major difference came when scraping the back. Due to the differing grain directions, some part was always catching against the scraper and going fuzzy.

It took a long time with super sharp scrapers, and a light touch, but I got there in the end. At least now I know this, I’ll be better prepared for the next quilted one.

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Thanks Andreas.

I did spend some time thinking about how to achieve this type of ground, for it seems to be quite a different method they used, compared to their contemporaries.
With my tests, I found it was easy to take things too far, and get a result which was quite unpleasant and cold looking, especially for the spruce. 
Maple can look reasonable with many things, but to get spruce to look right, is often where the work is.

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