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Testore did not use a mould, the instruments probably being built up on the back (although the ribs could have been built first on a flat board, and then the outline then taken from them). Given that there is no mould to define the outline, assuming a template was used to set either the back outline, or the rib outline, it was rather loosely adhered to at times.
While they fit a concept, the dimensions do vary, along with the overall outline. I don't think it was for any particular acoustic or structural reason, more a quirk of the making process at times, which in this example, seems more extreme than others.

As to the flatness you refer to, this can often be seen in the work of several makers, notably Del Gesu, Storioni and others. In some cases it seems that the lower block has little to no curvature, and was just planed flat. Sometimes there is just a slight flatness at the block area, on others it can make the lower bouts take on more the outline expected in a cello.

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