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Can weather changes and humidity change the neck angle?

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Just last week I took some old "new" stock 14" Eastman violas that were received and shelved un-set up 10 years ago in our shop. They came with pre-cut bridges that were all consistently low, as the necks were all high (29-30mm fingerboard projection). I doubt the low bridges were an oversight by the technicians at Eastman, or the high neck angles by the factory workers. I have been told by another distributor that low necks can rise, but I wasn't sure if he was just trying to pass off his low neck angle inventory on us, something we're especially picky about in our shop when purchasing new inventory.

The violas were received by the previous shop owner before my tenure there, perhaps they were shelved due to their neck angles, or they we're just an overstock at the time. All of the instruments also had open seams and one had a loose fingerboard, so they certainly went through 10 years of Midwest seasonal changes.

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