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I had this cello pegged as a German factory cello circa 1960 based on the body. I adore these celli for their tone at a relatively low price. Before the work to be done, I set it up first to see if the tone is worth the work. I did not notice this at first, but the scroll is partly translucent. Now I’m not really sure what era this cello is from as I have never seen it before. Purfling is scratched but some idiot ran a black market around the back plate, which is not coming off with water and steel wool.










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29 minutes ago, Violadamore said:

Suzuki was doing that at one time.  They were selling instruments like that to Scherl & Roth in the USA, BTW.  Has it got a label?

No label. Plates looked ply at first, but it’s solid. All-in-all it’s easy to play and has a surprisingly good tone, so it will make a student happy.  Just feel stupid not knowing anything else to say about it. At this point, all I can say is “it’s a full-sized cello that sounds good and has a spooky scroll.”  I have had plenty of old S & R for rentals ranging from 1990s and up, but those have always looked completely different. I have never had a Suzuki cello, though.

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