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Wanted: Gordge single and double violin cases

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I am interested in buying used Gordge single and double violin cases, preferably ones that have loops for straps. If anyone has one in useable condition (no cracked shells, I don't mind worn out covers) and is open to selling it for a reasonable price, do let me know please. 


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9 hours ago, scordatura said:

You may or not be aware of the T2 auctions at Tariso. Gordge cases come up for auction. They are not usually cheap though. is a disciple of Gordge. Very nice work. Hope this helps.

I've seen the T2 Tarisio website but I'm in the UK so I don't really want to try and bid on something on the other side of the world and get charged all sorts of weird auction charges, I can probably manage import charges. How much do they typically go for on T2? In the UK I've seen a few sold ones on eBay, one on Tarisio UK last month (not the model I want) and on another large-ish UK auction site. All of them were way below $1000usd and in very good condition. Seems like demand is much higher in the US judging by what you're saying. 

Also yes I've seen Timms cases and they're really nice, but if I can bag a Gordge for the prices that I've seen in the UK, then I'll probably save a bit. I'm planning to keep searching until the end of this year and if I don't fine one, then I'll order a Timms . 

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