Morizot Pére or Fréres?

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Hello! I was looking through the latest Tarisio auction, and came upon this violin bow, which has two certificates, one says Morizot Pére and the other Morizot Fréres. What do you guys think? Which one is it? Tarisio has it as Morizot Pére.

Curious about your opinions! Bernard Millant cert says it is Fréres... 

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There are some way to check this but some freres are darn close to pere and without having it in hand to check for some small "secret" traits that only apply to the pere.

The head looks more freres, the curve/chamfers of the head go inside the stick quicker whereas pere is later. So I would say this is freres. However, the frog and button are very nice and could easily be père.

The cozio archive is of no help, seems like there are morizot freres listed as père...

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