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Can anyone help me to identify this violin please?


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Hello there!

I have a violin, which has a beautiful smooth body with one interesting characteristic.

Through the f-hole, I can’t see a label but two balck-white ankers inside. The violin itself looks decent and I assume this is valuable but have no clue as it has nothing to tell about itself but the ankers. 

Can anyone tell me about this mysterious violin please?




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1 hour ago, Brad Dorsey said:

This is a very inexpensive violin.  I don't recall seeing this label with two ANCHORS before.

Oops, misspelling ! that's embarrassing.. Well I thought the symbol could mean something special like an emblem of some famous family but it seems i was just wishing..x(

Thank you sir.


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42 minutes ago, Blank face said:

The word ANKER is as German as the violin, so not exactly wrong.^_^

(Though it could have been made in Schönbach/Bohemia, too) Mind the inked purfling, coloured fingerboard and cheapish shellac varnish.

Ohh I see, that’s how you tell good violins from not good ones !

Thank you very much:)

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3 hours ago, hurichel said:

Ohh I see, that’s how you tell good violins from not good ones !

In general, yes, but it depends. There are many good fiddles from earlier periods with inked or scribed purfling (British for example, or some good but not very expensive Salzkammergut or Saxon) as well as baroque or "Biedermeier" fiddles  having had coloured wood as fingerboards, at least in an original state; but regarding a late 19th century or later period this is correct.

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