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Who made this violin?

kevin Prestwich

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This is one of two violins brought back to the U.S.A by an American soldier after WW2. It bears no label. I’m trying to learn of its origin. Can anyone help?  Came with a cool bow as well. Thanks in advance. 















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Poor representation in previous photos.
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I would say the bow is designed to impress but actually not a 'good' bow and not valuable.

The violin looks interesting. The scroll doesn't look typical Saxon to me. Can you check how far the fluting goes into the throat?

Also, the purfling looks a bit amateur-ish, which you don't usually get with Saxon violins.

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3 hours ago, Delabo said:

Is the strange bottom rib original or a repair ?

bottom rib wierd.jpeg

This looks like an insert due to a formerly inlet saddle. It looks as if the complete instrument was stripped and revarnished at some point, including other replacements at the sound holes, the same varnish is covering everything.

3 hours ago, Guido said:

the purfling looks a bit amateur-ish, which you don't usually get with Saxon violins.

Agree, but there were also sometimes beginners involved within the process of making, so the purfling alone won’t exclude a Saxon origin IMO. Hard to tell if the scroll is original at all, though it is into the range of what I’m used to see from this area, too.

OTOH, as long as we can’t see more features I would not exclude rigorously something like an overworked British peasant maker or similar.

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