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Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Musical Instruments Collection


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After my visit to the Reed-Yeboah Contemporary Violin & Bow Makers Exhibition 2019 I walked over to the MET Museum to look at their bowed string instruments. I was very impressed by the museum and can highly recommend a visit. Most of the instruments are displayed beautifully and can be viewed from the front and back. 

Below are pictures of some of the instruments that I hope you will enjoy. Higher resolution images (and some additional ones) are available here: https://rauchtonewood.com/blogs/news

I was very interested in the varnish on these instruments and the comparison to the modern instruments I had looked at earlier the same day. I had never seen a J. Stainer and seeing his viola side by side with some of the Amatis and Strads was great. I got a lot of inspiration on one day.

A. Stradivari "Batta-Piatigorksy" cello






A. Stradivari "The Antonius" violin








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