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Pietro Tatar Hand-cut Miniature Violins (parts) (photos)

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Dear Maestronuts,

I present to you my latest acquisition for discussion and ridicule. I also am seeking information regarding anyone who worked in Tatar’s Manhattan violin shop “Cremona Violin Shop” or anyone else who can certify these as being made by Pietro Tatar. The seller’s story is compelling and seems legit, and as silly as it may seem I still want to get these certified. Pietro has/had a son named Peter Tatar who was until a few years ago working in the Nashville, TN area. I can not locate him, any leads?

So here is the information that the seller provided in the listing and then further through a message:


Rare Miniature violins by Pietro Tatar. 

( he was head of the Cremona School International School Violin making).

Incredible cut mini scroll ! 

Pietro (Peter) Tatar

Violin maker
(1909 – 1973)

Born in Bátaszék, Hungary. Pupil at the Cremona International School, then a teacher there until 1958. In 1959 he emigrated to the USA, first working in Yorkville, then in New York City from 1965. Instruments based on Stradivari and Guarneri models with a spirit varnish.  His violins sell in the thousands of dollars.

He was also known and famous for making Miniature Violins.

These Violin Miniatures # 1 and # 2, I was told by a noted Cello and violin maker,  were made in the Pietro Tatar Violin Workshop in NYC circa 1965,  and sold as miniature violins in the white,  to be finished & varnished.  Pietro, cut all the wood, and the fingerboard, tailpiece, bridge, and tuners were made of plastic.

I purchased these from Pietro's widow, Santa Tatar, many years ago in the Bronx, NY.

Tops are solid spruce with a solid maple back, solid maple back. solid maple neck. 

Measures: Top of spruce is 4 & 3/8ths Inches.

Back of Maple is 4 & 3/8ths Inches.

Tuners: 1/2 inches in length.

End pin:11/16ths.


 Made about circa 1965. NYC.

 #1 - the scroll is cracked. and 3 tuners missing.

 #2 - ribs cracked(easy repair) and 1 tuner missing.


I met Tatars wife, thru a friend of mine who was a violin player. His wife's name was Santa Tatar. She was a really nice person. I believe she has since passed. I went to her apartment, a long time ago, maybe in 1997. I do not remember the address, except it was in the Bronx, NY. Pietro was famous for making miniature violins. I do not remember how the Plastic pieces were made.
But I have an idea, also in the Bronx, NY, there was a famous violin maker, mario Maccaferri and he was also famous for making the Maccaferri plastic guitars, and plastic violins. I believe there was a good chance Pietro, knew Mario Maccaferri and had him make the plastic
pieces.... I remember Santa telling me he sold these miniatures in his NYC shop, as a kit, for his customers to finish them on their own.

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To clarify, the miniature violin posted by respected forum brother Nick Allen is not made by Tatar.

Here are images I found online of a mini violin that was alleged to be made by Tatar. Can anyone with a good eye for these things see anything similar between these images and the ones that I have acquired?


Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 9.28.45 AM.png



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A very idiosyncratic feature of the blank violins is the rib garland carved fron a single piece. As far as I can tell the instrument at the photos has it, too, while Nick's example looks like made with bent ribs.

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