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antique cello 1 piece top including bass bar


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I am doing some work on my antique cello and the top is one piece including the bass bar. There isn't any marker mark on the instrument except an M in pencil on the inside, probably just the craftsmans mark. Would this feature of the bass bar being part of the top give a clue to what age and what country, maker?  Also the top is pretty thick, 3/16th" to 1/4" in some places. Should I shave it down? The top side is pretty beaten, should I resurface it or only take it down from the inside? Thanks for any help. Jim

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Are you sure the top is actually one piece? Would be a rather large tree.

Often on spruce, the joint can be very hard to see, and sometimes the tops are not book matched, which may give the impression of one piece.

Integral bass bars were used in many places, your cello may be either German or Bohemian, but without seeing photos, no one can say for sure.

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