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Hi, looking for a good keyboard for my 8 year old daughter, she dreams of it, any suggestions?

I'll collect some choice (hope I manage to find) and share as well for your feedbacks

Ps: sth compact and of good quality will be perfect


Latest update 20/10:

(although this forum seems to be deserted, but on the off chance, maybe at least 1 friendly expert will reply) 

What can you say about Alesis Melody 61 MKII ? If anyone is so kind to remember or check up on this one and comment, I'll be sooo grateful!


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Sorry for a delayed response, as I usually don't watch the piano forum. Do your child a favor by buying a full 88 key keyboard with weighted keys. 88 keys because when your child sits down to a real piano, if they learned on a keyboard with less that 88 keys, they will not know where middle c is. And weighted keys, because there is a large amount of technique in "pressing down" and  a piano key, rather than pushing down an organ key that has no resistance.

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