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Hi all

There have been a couple of comments about my health and retirement.

It's true I have had to retire due to a diagnosis  of Parkinson's. I am still alive and kicking however and will reply to anyone posting a relevant question/comment.

On the subject of my book " Bow Making and Repair " there will not now be a third edition as planned. All the extra content, however, is available free via an email attachment. It amounts to around 6 pages of A4 and totals some 55 further Hints and Tips.

Good luck and best wishes 

John Stagg


55 more Hints 2018.docx

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Hello John, 

I’ve owned a copy of your book for years now, and must say that it is a great resource. There are not many books on bows which focus on making and repair, let alone one which contains a lifetime of knowledge, and provides a link to the great bow workshop of W.E. Hill & sons.

I know it had taken you a very long time to compile all the material for the book, and I think everyone who works on bows will be glad that you published all of the valuable material. Anyone who has had the opportunity to view, or play on one of your bows will undoubtedly recognise that you are a true master of your craft.

My own copy did not find it’s way onto a shelf, and has stayed in the workshop. I must confess that the pages are not as clean as they used to be, but I think this says a lot for the book!

Best wishes for your retirement.


I could not resist sharing a pic of this cello bow, truly staggering (pun intended)



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