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Another cello bow with similar query

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This bow is( Heavens! My AutoCorrect has a mind of its own!) nickel mounted, complete, has a very interesting head, but overall comes across as being more “studenty” than the other bow shared. However it also feels quite nice.  It’s like when your daughter says she’s bringing home her new boyfriend who is in the “medical field“ and he turns out to be a phlebotomist… Not bad but… 

Whatch’yall think?









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The underslide is pinned, the mountings are nickel, the lapping is silver, The one-piece heel plate is pinned, though the button is not, In so far as I could tell. The wood appears to be in perfect condition, and I find the head to be visually very appealing, which probably shows my lack of taste.




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9 minutes ago, Guido said:

The tarnish, in particular at the adjuster, seems to be black-ish. Are you sure it's not silver?

I’m pretty sure the button is nickel, it looks too yellow to be silver, however it’s possible that the frog mounting and the ferrule are silver and the button is mismatched.

After work I will give it a polish and share what is revealed.

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