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Dwight Brown

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Reading old books from the late 19th century, it's quite a surprise to see how little was known about some makers. George Hart, who in his day was considered an expert at the time, gives some pretty basic and sketchy details about a lot of Italian makers, and it is clear that for some, he had only ever seen one example. Academic research was in its infancy, and a lot of records were yet to be correlated and documented properly.

With this being the case, it's easy to see how for things which were considered rare, looked archaic and had rudimentary workmanship just to be taken at face value. I wonder how many genuine Brescian instruments were in London at this time.
Probably didn't help that Vuillaume had been pushing Gaspar Tieffenbrucker around this time either.

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I believe my great great grandfather donated several instruments from his collection to the South Kensington Museum (Now called the V & A ).

This instrument is a copy of one of those.I have seen one other of his copies and I know of another that sold at auction some years ago.The one currently for sale at Tarisio has some condition issues,especially re the back.



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