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violin with ribs let into back ID

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LOB is 364mm, stop length 19,5-19,7cm,varnish where remains is very nice thick darker red with crackles( scroll), ribs are let into channel on back but I can't see plateau from through neck, there is chapel in pegbox. From what I found on web, because of ribs let into back it could be old Paris, Flemish or Turin(don't think it is old Fussen).LOB and chapel would point to Paris, ff more to Turin, varnish not sure, scroll doesn't look to me French. Or maybe I am all wrong.

















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1 hour ago, Michael Appleman said:

Old French, I'd say. Something like what's usually called Boquay school.

Thanks, Does it mean that it was probably made around 1700-1730?

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The varnish, the "swirly" Amati inspired f-holes and something about the scroll make me think pre 1750 if not pre 1730. The thick craquelled red stuff started disappearing in Paris makers ca. 1730 according to JF Schmidt. I came across something like this in a friend's shop here, and he was thinking like you, Martin, 2nd half of the 18thc. while I had a hunch it was earlier. I'll check in with him to see what Rampal finally said. 

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.We had a thread to this subject a while ago. Although my Claude Touly discussed here

is obviously a different maker (alone the corners are the exact opposite), you could cite it, re your question about the date/age.


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 I don't know why but I see resemblances with this mine. As news about my violin Serge Boyer told me that seeing the pictures I sent him, he thought about Vaillant or Medard school


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