Which modern Italian makers between $10-$20k build 100% ..

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As someone who has lived in Cremona 41 years and knows just about everyone in the lutherie field here, I can say that among my maker friends no-one uses instruments purchased in the white. The proviso is that in my generation, makers have their reputations well-established and won't risk it to make instruments more cheaply - they simply have no need to do so.

The same cannot be guaranteed for the younger makers, fresh out of the school. Thirty years ago their market was Japan, which bought up these "entry level" Cremona violins in quantity. However, the younger makers now have the competition of competent Chinese makers in their price category, and the Japanese market has pretty much dried up, so I can imagine them being squeezed.  

I would also like to add that there is nothing inherently wrong or deceiving about a maker having workshop help to work on an instrument. Stradivari did that and no one is complaining.  

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