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On 10/8/2019 at 10:53 PM, jezzupe said:


If one wants to increase the abrasion and chip resistance of shellac,a"hard shellac' can be made by adding some sodium hydroxide and or Drano crystals 




Is the purpose of the Drano to dissolve the cat hair that has found its way into the shellac?  :lol:

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I just put some {about a teaspoon} in a doubled coffee filter to make a "drano teabag" and then simply soak it for about an hour or less in the shellac  There may be some more scientific way,

I'm not sure what the long term effects on the film or coloration would be, but it does seem to alter the shellac and make the film more abrasion resistant.

It is not a "go to recipe" for me for instruments,mostly something I've used on furniture tops, learned from an old timer furniture guy long ago, but It may be something I;d experiment around with more.

But honestly I pretty much use shellac as a sealer at this point, when I use it, so I'm not too concerned with making a 'system" out of it.


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