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Thomas Knight

Violin ID help--unusual corner blocks

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  This is an unusual violin and I cant figure out what it is. Very long corners. low f-holes, unequal blocks with no linings cut in. Has what I believe is Italian writing. I used an online translator and believe it says 'repaired old Firenze evangelists (priests or church?) violin in poor condition, new varnish, manico (handle) and riccio which means turn (maybe scroll) Feb 1911 It has postal patches on both the back and the top. It also had a loose repair label from Boston, 1940. There is a neck/grafted scroll but the button had a crown which is missing. Pinned on the top and back. 14-3/16". Purfling is beech for the white. No bee stings. Very pronounced edge bead. Arching is high on the top and almost flat at the bridge feet and the back is 2-3mm less arch.








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5 hours ago, Blank face said:

 Thank you Blank Face. Seems like something was lost in the online translation. This is interesting.  Tarisio shows two vastly different models by Pier Vangelisti. Amati seems to show two different Vangelisti descriptions, one from 1700-1746 by Jalovek, and another by John Dillworth with one using a golden varnish and the other plain materials, unrefined, and a brown transparent spirit varnish. How accurate do experts consider the Hamma, Henley, and Jalovec violin books or the Amati website descriptions?  Henley describes Vangelisti as two notably different periods, his early violins poorly refined lacking elegance, inartistically bulged, with golden- brown varnish  of warm tint. His later instruments are more refined. Hamma shows an instrument with amazing similarities to this one. Really long corners with a scooped out purfling channel especially at the very square c-bout tips with sharp 'hooks'. Low placed f-holes, round edgework, This instrument looks quite like one of the two on the Tarisio site.

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This is the scroll and neck that was on the violin, maybe the  original scroll or the replacement scroll mentioned in the writing. At first I thought Markie, but maybe not. It was only bushed at the G and A, and the G bushing was broken so I removed both bushings and will bush all the  holes. Does anyone see this matching the box maker's hand? Anything about the scroll indicate origin?  Is it a copy of a Vangelisti by Del Longo or someone else?

20190817_134929 a.jpg

20190817_134941 a.jpg

20190817_134936 a.jpg

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