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I'm going to go ahead a d list the repairs and I'm sure you guys know how much they cost! 

The violin was opened, cleaned and sanded because it had an open seam, the bottom plate was unglued by the end button. 

The varnish had to be redone 

A new fingerboard was installed since the old one was paper thin so thin it was cracked. 

New bridge fitted, we chose a Milo Stamm bridge

New fittings where installed, Rosewood 

Larsen Tzigane strings put on 

I think that was about it, it was total about 250 dollars! 

I have some more pics while it was being repaired, just FYI

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I'm sure it was re done entirely! 

It was a very good price, I took all the fittings and the bridge, strings and fingerboard, I got them from from the same place he would have as he advised. 

About the sound sample I will take a rain check, I am a total amateur and would disgrace it completely and myself. It sounds beautiful thou. I Will practice hard and show you

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12 minutes ago, Persephone21 said:

I'm sure it was re done entirely! 

You're fortunate that it wasn't. Complete revarnishing destroys much of the value of the instrument. Looking at your "Before" pictures, it looks like he/she did a nice touch-up as needed, but not an entire revarnishing.

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