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Is it really a Strad ?

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1 hour ago, Rue said:

Not to keep idolizing Roger or anything (:wub:) but -

If Roger can make a violin that fooled the experts, and he was the only expert to refute those experts, since he made the instrument in question...and the experts were reluctant to believe him even then - 

Why not?

I don't doubt that Roger's copy was very good, but those 'experts' were fraudsters.

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2 hours ago, Urban Luthier said:

The tenor viola is likely the most 'untouched' strad.

The violists who came across it for 300 years have all said "19 inches, I don't care who made it I'm not touching that" :-).

Good articles on these at Tarisio here and pics here.  Not only is the viola original, apparently the form and drawings for constructing it have survived.  And I read somewhere else that these are occasionally played in public, not just museum pieces.

It even has a cool note inside :-).


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3 hours ago, Andreas Preuss said:


Does this mean that drndrochronology is only reliable for different trees if they grow in high altitude? 

And for trees in low altitude precise match can be only found if it is one and the same tree? 

Someone told me too that precise dating can be done only for a count of over 50 year rings.


Trees at higher altitude have much more reliable response, but some trees growing lower down, relate well to those from the same area at higher altitude. 

Dating ring-series of less than 50 rings is in my opinion extremely risky.  I don't do i, and only occasionally on ring counts of around 60 when results are overwhelming.  The higher the number of rings, the more information is available and also further analytical processes become available.


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