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So I'm thinking more and more about purchasing a cello from a maker or seller online. And while recommendations for a reasonable place to do this are welcome, this post is mainly addressing my concerns for the delivery of said instrument. How are instruments shipped? (I'm in the midwestern US if that has any impact) What dealers ship reliably and pack them well? Do you guys trust online delivery and returns? Of course most sites claim to have integrity and to thoroughly pack and protect their instruments, but I'm curious if everyone's experiences are overall good or bad. Especially since Cellos are a lot riskier to ship than smaller stringed instruments. I've heard people say their setup was compromised, or that their instrument arrived safe and sound and even in tune. Thoughts?


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As I said, recommendations for an eager cellist of 8+ years are very welcome. I'm looking to upgrade to a quality cello but for a reasonable price as I am still a college student on a budget who needs to economize. But at the same time I want to invest in a worthy cello and avoid cheap laminated plywood junk.

Some sites to consider, reviews and advice on both quality of the instruments and the safety of their shipping is appreciated.

I'm leaning towards the Stringworks Artist cello right now and know their upgrade policy is nice.


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The Stringworks company has been around for years. I've played several of their cellos (that obviously had been shipped) and in my opinion they were well worth what they cost.

I also played a Stringworks cello that a student of mine bought on ebay for about 1/2 the retail price (I had alerted his mother to the "auction" and she was lucky enough to get in on it the last few seconds - $1,000 for a $3,000 cello). It obviously was being sold because it had had an accident (I would guess from carelessness on unpacking). It also turned out fine with a soundpost reset (which I did) and a new bridge (which I adapted and fit).

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