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Template + mold: how long do they last?


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23 minutes ago, fiddlerjer said:

Just wondering how long you can keep using a template and mold -- a couple of builds? Years? Forever? How many templates and molds do you keep on hand in your shop? Is it just a matter of trying and retrying until you find the right shape, then stick with that?

You can keep using molds and templates forever if they aren't ruined during construction.  How many molds kept?  Depends how many different models you make.  Some makers make the one or two models (e.g. a Strad and a GdG) over and over, developing their skills that way.  Some makers make many models, improving their understanding of what works that way.

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I have one mold that has been used for 87 cellos. I've had to reface the block gluing surfaces a couple of times though. Now that I am not cranking out instruments every few months I am taking the time to try new models although I think it takes at least a few instruments on a new pattern to figure out what is what. 

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