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4 piece back bass violin

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Recently I saw a bass violin with an unflamed maple back, made of 4 pieces. They probably did this because the wood was not big enough, i assume. But then i wonder: did they propbably joint just 4 beames, and started sculpturing afterwards? It didn't look like bended pieces... Was there a specific technique I for this cases?

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Well. Firstly, are you referring to a double bass? 

Secondly, if it's a bass, depending on the quality the back could have been bent. 

Better quality instruments typically have hand carved backs, so no bent wood. 

Also, basses have more of a tendency for more than two pieces for the backs as wood wide enough can be tough to find. 

But if it's a 4 piece back, be it double bass or violin, it was joined, all 4 pieces, and then carved. 

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