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Can I get some opinions on this eBay bow?

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Hi all, I purchased this “silver mounted” “German or French” bow on eBay recently. It was said to be a used bow that had been refurbished. Arrived a couple days ago and the fittings are nickel. The lapping is silver plated copper. And frankly, it looks like a new Chinese bow to me. I’m no expert though so I’d love to get some of your feedback before I go through the hassle of pursuing a return. Thanks in advance! 









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Looks to me like around $25-$30 worth of better-grade Chinese bow.  If the thing played well on one of my instruments, I'd keep it, but get right shirty with the seller and demand a refund of anything over $30, and any shipping.  If necessary, I'd return it (usually these weasels don't want their rubbish back), and, depending on how the offering was worded, probably report it.  If they balked on the partial refund, I'd sic Buyer Protection on them.  :)

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