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Boiling strings


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I heard of this trick during my years of playing the electric guitar. From what I heard, the increase in life span comes from the fact that the heating and cooling process makes the strings have that bright sound they had when they were new. I believe this trick is more common with those who play the electric bass, because they like that bright sound and their strings are expensive. But I've only heard of this trick being used with steel strings--I'd imagine that gut strings and synthetics might get damaged. At least gut strings surely look very much like spaghetti... tongue.gif


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boiling bass strings (stainless or nickle) does work (it removes accumulated dirt)but it is hardly worth the trouble (electric bass strings are usually around $20, so buying a new set is not a big deal, but this idea originated with electric bass players about 30 years ago). don't even bother doing it to violin strings-all you will wind up doing is ruining them, and besides they don't fare so well by having their tension changed back and forth.


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Boiling the strings? ....Ooo..dear...

I would never recommend this damaging action as well as cleaning with anny kind of solvents.

That's why:

1.The steel string cores are almost never stainless.

2.The high temperature may melt the nulon cores and other synthetic materials also used under metal winding.

3.The solvent/alcohol,aceton.../will disolve the rosin and like varnish solution will penetrate under winding and so string lose it's flexibility.

Best regards,


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