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Baroque pegs and end-buttons

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I would like to collect in this thread photos of baroque (or pre-1800) pegs of any stringed instrument, where possible including info like where,when and by whom it was made ideally including matching end-button.

here are what I have found using google:

probably french 1750-1800 ,

old French pegs

 Bros. Amati viola in the Ashmolian. These may not be the original pegs but they are very old(posted by Meyer in some old thread)


Scroll and original pegs, P.G. Mantegazza viola, 1793


no info on these:

File:Baroque violin pegs.jpg

old pegs1.jpg

piccolo pegs.jpg


post-3813-0-91617300-1398805365.jpg post-35343-0-04736400-1452202292.jpg


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1 hour ago, curious1 said:

This is a peg in the old style from a Stefano Scarampella.

Thanks, very interesting even if not 18th c.:)

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20 hours ago, A432 said:

Might the Scarampella peg be of walnut ?

Very similar to the Stradivari peg. Very fine structure to the medullary rays and tight pore structure. My guess is some type of fruitwood. Pear, cherry, ive never seen plum (Meyer suggestion)?




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