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The Bows They Played


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29 minutes ago, scordatura said:

No Perlman. The reason being that was a selling point when I bought mine. "Perlman has one". It is a Vuilllaume made by Voirin. Perhaps he does not use it. Up to you mate.

Your assertion does not prove factual. Like Trumpian defense against crimes and misdemeanors. :)                                                                                     It really depends on who was selling the bow. You accepted what you were told as truth. But that may not be the case. N'est-ce-Pas?    

To this day people make mistakes with Perlman and Zukerman, such as Pinchas Perlman and Itzhak Zukerman.                                                              For sure Pinchas Zukerman was known to have a Voirin/Vuillaume  model(such as you describe) with his initials engraved on the ferrule.                   And last time we played with Itzhak Perlman, I asked what he was playing, he said Howard Green. He also used a repaired bow at rehearsal, which looked to me like an Henry.

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9 minutes ago, scordatura said:


This is quite a statement my friend. Know I know who I am dealing with LOL

yes, I don't hide who I am. Chacun a son gout!


15 minutes ago, scordatura said:

I don't care moving on...FYI This is the head salesperson in a major shop. But you are all knowng ;)


and the "head salesperson in a major shop" is infallible? very funny

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