Have not done on of my violin ID quizzes in a while...

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35 minutes ago, Rue said:

And the wear pattern on the left side of the scroll?

My guess is that it was hooked from the hand. I often play with people who hold the violin by the scroll like this. The wear on the other side is on the top side of the spiral (palm) just a thought 

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22 hours ago, PhilipKT said:

Martin has certainly won a great deal of respect.


Actually not so difficult for me, since we have two Thibouts right now, one very pure ... 

I think more credit should go to Jacob for getting extremely close, given his general indifference to any French violin!

As regards wear, orchestral players generally manage to remove most of the varnish either from the treble shoulder or the treble lower bout, depending on how they hold their instrument during the large periods of time when they're not actually playing.

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