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Violin tone wood and more

aud alb

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Hello to all 

We are selling a large collection of aged tone wood for violin, viola and only one piece for cello

the collection dates back to 70's and 80's.

Pieces are mixed canadian and european - the Luthier has passed.

We would like to sell as a lot however would consider selling in bundles 

the list of what we currently have.

Violin tonewood - $25 each

solid pieces - 175

joined - 135

carved violin plates - $25 ea

1/2 pieces - 30

Viola tonewood : 30 pieces $30 each

Cello - 1 piece and 4 bridges - $100.00

Scrolls : 20 roughed in and 20 refined - $20 each

3 neck blocks - make me an offer - as seen in the pics

Ribs - many many ribs in a variety of lengths - please inquire as I am not sure how many you would want :)

for violin they range from 4" - 12" (over 600 pieces)

for cello they are 5" wide and range from 14-24" about 25 pieces

dozens of assembly spools(handmade) - would consider an offer 

Moulds - I currently have about 6 different ones as seen in the pictures - $50 each


Please send me notes with your inquiries - I will consider all reasonable offers on pieces as well as the lot - we will adjust the pricing for purchase of the entire lot - please inquire!!!

shipping presents challenges - however i am open to appointment times and will gladly help you load!!

We are located in Windsor Ontario Canada 

thank you!






















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Hello again! Please note that all tonewood is $25 per piece - however multiple buys we can work with - as well the numbers beside the solid and joined are the quantity we have not the price. Thank you!! Any other questions please continue to ask!

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To answer your questions 

my father was Sergio De Paoli master violin maker. 

Born in friuli, Italy 

migrated to Windsor Ontario Canada. 

Was a sculptor, fine artist and instructor since the early age of 14 - accepted to Ontario college of arts for portrait painting- his pieces can be seen world wide. 

His violin wood collection was quite large - we are now parting with pieces that he had kept closer - in his 86th year to work on. 

We would love for this wood to carry on and sing. 

Please email me - we can work out pricing - our main concern is getting it into the right hands.

We feel it’s a shame to keep it locked up in storage! 



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