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Mark Norfleet

Crack reinforcement method question.

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13 hours ago, Jerry Lynn said:

  Did you "red up" your workshop today?  

Ha!  I always that it was rett up.  What kind of a PA boy AM I anyway?!  And no, I do need to do that before I leave tomorrow.  After I make a cast and finish a rib garland.  And finish packing.  Maybe Maya will rett up for me...

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3 hours ago, David Burgess said:

Reversability? Is there a solvent which will at least soften the dried coating?

I'm not aware of one, but I'm still digging.  For violin repair use, I consider the stuff strictly experimental at this point, and only attractive where reversibility is overwhelmed as a concern by invulnerability to environmental factors, along with stability.

IMHO, urushi lacquer has two major negatives, toxicity, and a two week (give or take) cure time. 

Its close relative, cashew rosin lacquer, is being widely used in China as a finish, but I strongly suspect that they are deviating from traditional wood density selection and thicknessing practices to compensate for the properties of the cured lacquer.  The examples I've handled have thicker bellies than, say, Markies, but still sound very good, and tend to "ring" a lot.

Used solely as a patch reinforcer and adhesive, on small areas, the stiffness shouldn't be an issue.  I was tossing this alternative out as a possible addition to our quiver of tricks.

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