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I found an old violin in my grandmother's chest and it looks to be somewhat nice but needs restrung and needs the bow needs to be rehaired I don't know anything about violins sorry. I was wondering if anybody can tell me anything about this, I think I almost remember her telling me something about her father or her uncle and they lived in Creston West Virginia don't know where they were from she was born in 1906 it says inside of it ye old violin try me repaired by F. L. Mason in Columbus Ohio that's all it has in there here's some pictures. Thanks 






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It's not a Strad. It's a fancy/decorated trade instrument. It's pretty. If it sounds good - enjoy playing it.  If not, it would make a great decoration/ conversation piece.

Why do some labels call a violin Stad when it obviously isn't? Because the measurements used to make the instrument are likely taken from one of the authentic Strads.  So "Strad" refers to body style.

BTW - all the extant Strads are pretty much accounted for...

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Hello all. I'm a longtime lurker here, but I had to reply to this. My great-grandfather's fiddle, which I own, does have large, shaped mother-of-pearl pieces carefully inlaid on the back. Not the random bits of pearl set in a mosaic pattern as is commonly seen.
I have a newspaper clipping from 1937 in which my great-grandfather said the fiddle had been in his possession for 62 years, meaning he would have acquired it around 1875. That seems about right. Although he died before I was born, I did know most of his 8 children, all of whom lived to be well into their eighties and nineties. The eldest of his children remembered their Papa playing this fiddle when they were kids in the 1880s.
Over the years I have seen a few other fiddles with the same center inlay as mine (the late John Hartford had one), but none with the same upper and lower inlays as well as the double purfling. Yes, it's gaudy, but I love it!





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