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Charlie V

Anyone familiar with Joannes Scheverle?

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I found this while cleaning out a basement of a home that was going to be sold. There is a tag inside that reads 


Joannes Scheverle fecit,  Praga An 1762


Anyone familiar with this maker? I know nothing about violins, I play music but I am relegated to the fret and the key. I have a feeling this is not the kind of instrument you take down to the local music shop to trade in. Any info would be of great help. Want to get this instrument in to the hands of someone who would appreciate it. Thank you!












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Hi Charles,

I suppose as a new member your post was delayed. I hope my email was helpful ...!

The violin has obviously had a bit of tinkering, but I certainly wouldn't dismiss it. A photo of the back would be very helpful, and the back length measurement.

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Your Instrument is a fairly nice „Dutzendarbeit“ from the Marknukirchener trade, late 19th C. The label is one of these.



Scheverle was a freind of the Hellmer Family (Godfather etc.) and Homolka found him to be, along with violin-maker also a Composer and lute virtuose, which I suppose explains why few violins are to be found

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The email was a big help! I have some more images as requested, but the upload keeps failing. The total length is 13 5/8" (34.6cm) and Martin, I will attach the images to the email. I will also try to post them here again after looking in to what the -200 error code is. I genuinely appreciate the information and support, what a great community you all have on here. 



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