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E H Roth violin on Reverb


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With $10K in hand you would have your choice among dozens of 1920s Roths that are currently in brick and mortar shops. Or you could find one at an auction, seems to be one or more up at every major auction these days, I'm pretty sure Tarisio has one or two right now.

Perhaps there are less where you live, but in general that are not uncommon, and if you want one it should be easy to look at 5-6.

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Label says 1718 model.  My limited understanding is that the later the model copied, the better quality.  This particular model seems to be an IVR model, meaning bottom grade product.  

I bought mine for CONSIDERABLY cheaper and it is an IXR.  ONLY reason I even bought it was because it played extremely well and sounded great.  I think that a buyer with patience could do much better than this particular instrument.

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4 hours ago, reg said:

Same violin at $1450 and £8K??

Looks identical!!

For the record, the Reverb violin looks like a genuine Roth and the eBay violin does not. They are most certainly not the same violin.

1 hour ago, violinnewb said:

Also, to my untrained eye, the f-holes look more like Guarneri f-holes...

Compare it with some pictures of Roth Guarneri models and you will see the difference.

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