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This is an instrument that was "created" specifically to rip someone off. It has "everything" in place in order to snare and unsuspecting person who may be chomping at the bit.

This is not like the world of "replica" fine watches where many foreign {mostly Chinese} manufacturers are making "replica" watches, but they are at least representing them as replicas, whereas this person is trying to convince you that the fake watch is real. There are many suspect things about this.

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'Anyone who looks at these a lot would know it's a copy. Let alone someone who does that for a living. Please do share the name of the seller. He shall be engulfed in flaming...on facebook. That's about all anyone can do. Romania or Albania or wherever this seller is, has no BBB, do they...so you expect this to happen more often than not and as bad as it sounds, you might want to not buy something that's a major purchase or a valuable antique from online sellers or from certain countries of origin. 

If this is going on somewhere in the US of A, this'll be fun...at least there's a way to report him.

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2 minutes ago, Rue said:

Could well be this "violin businessman" is a crook, but still, I get nervous when the pitchforks come out this early in the game...

Particularly if the "violin businessman" was conned himself, and sincerely believes the violin and certificate to be authentic.

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Sorry Rue, I've seen a lot of this kind of thing ...

Maybe I'm pre-judging on the basis of the furniture in the background, which I have also seen a lot of while looking for violins! To me this is typical of the stuff you get shown in the loucher areas of Budapest or Prague (the violin and the dodgy cert I mean).

It's incontrovertible that the certificate is fake and has nothing to do with Paul Voigt. I have a nice original Paul Voigt certificate somewhere, but even without a direct comparison I can tell you that he wrote perfectly in English - "the violin are in a great condition state" is hilarious.

When it comes to the violin itself I see no attempt to copy a dalla Costa. The c-bouts are very strange where dalla Costa built on a pretty conservative model, the f-hole tongues nothing like, the varnish neither. We had a good dalla Costa a year or so ago, and I had plenty of opportunity to study the violin - I'll attach some photos. You'll see the scroll is very well executed

The violin in the "certificate" is the same as the violin in the photos.




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Proves nothing about the violin, just the eleventy ninest clue. The quality of the photos is a tell too.

I like the bit about "nice wood". Not that I want fakers to improve at their craft either, but that's quite far from the descriptive language on the few real certificates I have seen. F holes are clunky and bulbous, which are comical when compared to the real version. Thanks for posting it.

The scroll is full of ugly flat spots on the fake one, compared with your real example, but it's very good compared to "the usual"... what is it?  It doesn't look like a brand new violin someone shunted into this scheme.

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Recover your money...? Oh...well, you won't. Someone in Romania just bought a five bedroom house on 60 acres with your $9000, closed on it this afternoon. Paid cash. I'm just guessing at what you paid, a not catastrophic but really insulting amount of money, I'm assumung, since it's a definite fake. But it is a violin, and it's pretty, sort of, if you squint or view it on a cell phone.

You can't hold out on everyone with the story. So what happened? Do you plan on naming the "violin professional" you bought it from? You don't sound too upset.

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52 minutes ago, not telling said:



Hello,iam a violin student from China. Please forgive me that I can only use Google translation to read your replies, so I may not understand some of your suggestions or comments. That's what happened. This violin dealer is a chance to get acquainted with him through social chat software. I don't even know his real name, but why do I try to trade with him? Because I learned from Wechat(china Social software)that a part of China's luthier and bow maker had a lot of trading history with him. he asked me to pay for the purchase of the violin before he brought it back to China from Vienna and delivered it to me. Purchasing this violin is a heavy burden for me, so I would want to let experts provide their opinions through this forum. That's what happened. In the end, I was very sad.

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6 hours ago, dyyoung said:

Thank you very much for  professional reply!. Now I'm worrying about how to recover the money I paid for the violin. After that, I will give a good account of what happened.



Very sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope you manage to get the sale cancelled.

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