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Makeshift setup

Anthony Panke

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I still don’t have the fittings I ordered, but was too impatient to fit the bridge string heights. 

Here’s what I came up with in 5 minutes- it even works alright! E6113B68-409E-4EB1-AC65-A7E25823BB75.thumb.jpeg.9a419e1163ff19276313a7614df99f2b.jpeg

An old tailpiece with makeshift leather cord,

wrapped two old strings through a peghole and around an old brush handle. 

You can even tune it (at low tension)

(I’m 1mm off string heights)



Regards to all


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On a side note, there are many cheap Chinese paint brushes and expensive varnish brushes with a 1:30 taper. I use them to work in spiral bushings (candle wax applied to the handle).  Looks like you are using one in the endpin hole.




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