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We've lost one of our most valued members

Berl Mendenhall

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Oh no. RW was an amazing man and I'll always remember him. It's these forums, when you don't hear from someone in awhile you think they're busy working on something and they'll be right back. I've missed him already. I hope he knew how many on Maestronet cared about him. I can only assume, many dozens of us. He was impossible to dislike.

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Thank you Berl - every time I read one of Addie's posts I wished that I was within easy travel distance of you guys. It would have been nice to pop in for a cuppa and chinwag.

Some years ago my wife and I popped in on Michael Koeberling. He had posted pictures of the building of his workshop and my professional interest was stirred - mainly because I couldn't believe that anyone still used copper for rain water gutters and down-pipes. (over here it disappears the moment the plumber re-positions his ladder).

Anyway I found his workshop and knocked on the door. After a slight delay I heard footprints and a guy unlocked the door and opened it. I asked if I was addressing Mr Michael Koeberling and he confirmed that I was. He was a little bemused because I gathered that English speaking visitors weren't all that common.

Anyway I introduced my self as Edi Malinaric. His face lit up with one of the most welcoming smiles I have ever received  - "Aaah - a fellow pegboxer!"

Always conscious of the adage that "time is money" - I tried - at half-hourly intervals to leave. Finally after 3 hours we parted company. Both of us still talking as the car pulled away.

Thank you Michael.

Inside the last 18 months or so I have lost my elder brother and 3 other members the Malinaric family. Every one made it to the other side of 80.

In a couple of months I hope to pass that tombstone (sorry - milestone) myself.

Look after yourselves - cheers edi

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