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Violin ID Prague?

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LOB is 350mm, linings, probably plum or cherry wood, are let into corner blocks but without pointy ends(would that exclude Mittenwald?). Neck block and end block are made of some hardwood, different than linings(no reddish colour), maybe lime?Corner blocks are spruce. There are no locating pins on back.Dark red-brown varnish I think would match all Prague, Mittenwald or Wien. Fingerboard is ebony vaneered spruce, there is pin roughly where neck root meet block going through fingerboard to neck root. Top is one piece, quite wide grained.

Label says Louis Bausch in Meissen. Found nothing about such maker but Meissen is closer to Prague than Mittenwald. Could it be made in Prague? Possibly something like Strnad? What is age of it? ca 1800-1850?




















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This is an unusual instrument. IMO clearly not Mittenwald, neither how the linings are inserted into the blocks nor how the outer bout ribs are mitred. The scroll is Saxony made, so either not original or the violin was made with a bought in neck.

The label appears to be bogus, Ludwig Bausch father and so worked in Leipzig and Dessau but never in Meissen, where wasn't any violin making ever as far as I know. The "frenchised" form Louis was possibly made up to profit from his reputation.

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Your violin, evidently had the ribs built around a form, with it’s (square) let in linings. The 7 o’clock scroll though seems unusual together with this, begging the question if scroll and body belong originally together. One wonders if “Louis” wasn’t some Ludwig pretending to be an American. I have had a violin for decades with a “Höllmer Prague” label, where I have been waiting to work out if it is more the “Füssen” Bohemian strain or the “Schönbach” Bohemian strain, and I suppose these two distinct schools might have mingled at the edges somewhere occasionally. Who knows? You have a talent for finding unusual, difficult to ascribe violins!

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In this photo marked to where flutings go. Doesn't materials of blocks and linings says anything? Are there some features that exclude Prague?


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Often when I'm seeing a battered body combined with a well preserved scroll  I'm wondering wether both were together from the beginning.  Especially the pin through the fingerboard makes me think the neck heel could have been altered from a through neck style to "modern". Could we see some more photos of this detail?

Looking at the wide grained belly with the distinctive ff I won't exclude rigorously something like Strnad school with a neck taken from something else.

And please, could the plate photos be posted vertical (which means North and South being the shorter edges) because I'm otherwise getting a stiff neck from bending it over:wacko:.

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