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I was cleaning up the shop and came across this test I did last year.  I don't think I posted this, but if I did, here it is again.

Both samples are Engelmann; the top one is freshly cut, the lower one strongly torrefied.  The right half of both was protected with aluminum foil, and then they were set out in the summer sun for quite a while.  I don't remember now, but it was something like a week or two.

The fresh wood starts out blazing white, and heads toward orange-brown.  The torrefied wood starts out deep brown, and heads toward orange-brown.  Looks like there might be a meeting point after enough exposure.  There could be subtle aesthetic differences, as the fresh wood turns dark on the surface but stays light underneath, and the torrefied wood is dark underneath.


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3 hours ago, Nick Allen said:

The torrefied stuff lacks the yellows that untorrefied wood seems to exhibit. 

I agree... the torrefied wood is on the brown side.  I imagine anyone using torrefied wood doesn't bother much with long UV exposure, which my test indicates might push it more towards the orange.  I might try it.

3 hours ago, Janito said:

The winter grain is more pronounced in the torrified wood +/- UV.

I have the impression that UV changes the summer wood colours more than it darken the winter lines.

Do others agree?

My guess is that UV primarily affects the very top surface, which would have the most visual change for the lighter summer wood... i.e. darkening the fresh wood and lightening the torrefied wood.

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