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Pictures From An Exhbition - #Metzler2019 Violins -Americas-Cho-Liang Lin

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Pictures from Metzler's American Makers Exhbition (and sale), 2019.  All played with absolutely stunning precision (35 times! 36 if you count him playing on his Strad at the end) the same 2 passages by Cho-Liang Lin.  I have the pictures below, in order; a video will be posted on, and a live stream may be viewable from Metzler's facebook page.  I will post video if I have time, but as I found: impossible to both listen and record properly at the same time.  I was mostly interested in listening. 

Absolute Shout-out to the Metzler's staff: very professional, and attentive.  

We start with Luis Amorim, Brazil, and Dorian Barnes.  Barnes' fiddle has an absolutely stunning varnish, very nicely colored.  I think he is using Joe's varnish.  Well done! 

P.S.  I posted them, and they uploaded, in order, but Barnes, #2, is first in the post, for some strange reason.  I will post individually, because of this. 

Apologies for the uneven lighting.  I had only a few minutes before the hordes descended, and then it was every violinist to himself.  People will not get out of the way for a Maestronet photog!









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12 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

Were they demonstrated by a viola player?  Did he drop many of them?

No, Richard O'Neill did not drop a viola.  Nor did Jimmy drop any violins.  The cellos otoh....:lol:.  But Harrell told some funny stories.

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Lovely work all around.  It's interesting to see such a variety of interpretations. 
The David Gusset really stands out to me in terms of varnish and antiquing.
It would be cool to hear what they all sound like. 

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