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Even though I know it's probably a bad idea, I still go through Ebay listings pretty regularly.   The particular listing I'm posting is one of three by the same seller.

The first one is a very American thing by a maker from Walla Walla Washington.   Having grown up in Purdy Washington I know precisely where that is, and I'm frankly stunned anybody was even surviving there in 1900 let alone making fiddles.  We were still on well water and feral banty chickens in the 70's.  

But I digress.  

In the first listing, the seller says "I know very little about stringed instruments".  

The second listing is your standard "Stainer"-stamped factory fiddle that somebody tried their darndest to fix (aww!)   No additional commentary on violin knowledge. 

The third listing (attached) is where it gets amusing.  The seller has gone from "very little" knowledge to a rather sudden Tyrolean attribution and (the best part) calling out a Caressa & Francais inventory number in the pegbox.   Granted I personally don't know what one of those looks like but the seller seems pretty sure.   They go on to state that they can't identify the maker (wait, now you can identify makers?) but if one could assign a maker then it would most certainly be a screamin' deal!   

Other noteworthy aspects of the listing are the perfectly good straight-on photos of the top and back, both of which were cut in half so you really can't see the entire outline properly, and the equally obtuse photos of the scroll.  I also enjoy the passing mention of "much restoration"... yeah, um... there's a soundpost crack on the back.  

It's just kinda funny is all :)


3 listings.jpg




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41 minutes ago, ClefLover said:

Hmmm... I don’t see a soundpost crack?  I just said the those same words on a different post.

You're right, actually I was going to say "or at least the beginnings of one".  It's not all the way to the soundpost yet, but it doesn't look good.  At least, I wouldn't buy a fiddle with that crack on the back.  Also I have no clue what the pink highlighted thing is.. another weird crack?


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Apropos eBay

Just had a player in with a Cello bought off eBay for £600.

Labelled Poggi but a really rather nice 20th century German in splendid condition!


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